Microsoft Support : Phone Number, Live Chat, Email ID, Useful Links

Microsoft Support : Phone Number, Live Chat

Where do you contact with Microsoft Support? If you are having problems regarding to Windows, Office or any other Microsoft software, products or service. This post will list down some useful resource links, email ID, and phone numbers, from where you can get help from Microsoft.

Before you start, I want you to know that this website is owned by Microsoft Support and is in no method affiliated with Microsoft. I have only listed the several ways you can contact Microsoft Support for support and services. You will have to contact us directly.

Microsoft Support Phone Number, Live Chat

Microsoft offers support to all customers using its devices – and this takes different forms:-

  • Microsoft Support is accessible to help you with questions about Microsoft products and services. In this situation, Microsoft experts will help you guide the appropriate solution or team to answer your questions. This is meant to be used if you have general Microsoft customer service questions.
  • Microsoft Support will provide support options and guide the appropriate support team to fix technical support errors, which you may be having. This may include self-help support or assisted support.

Microsoft Support Phone Number

You can receive the Microsoft Support Phone Number for your country here – and check out the home timings too. Before you start, it’s a good idea to keep the name and edition of the product you are using, the product verification number or the product key ready. Microsoft experts will examine the warranty condition of the product. The links at the end of this post may help you to collect problem solving data.

Microsoft Support Chat

  • You can reach us at Microsoft Support by email and chat. If Microsoft Customer Service experts are online and available for a chat here, you will see a message to this outcome. If not, you will see Instant Chat option: Microsoft support phone number Experts are OFFLINE message, on the right side.
  • You may then seek and visit this page for Chat support. You can also receive Remote Help Support from Microsoft.
  • You could also choose the services of Microsoft Answer Desk, a live paid Tech Support Team site, to chat with Microsoft Support experts.
  • Microsoft also offers a Virtual Support Experts. See if it solves your errors.

Email Microsoft Support

If the Microsoft Customer Service Experts is offline and if you have any general problems about Microsoft products or services, you can receive this form to email Microsoft. They will get you back via email.

Useful Help & Resource Links

If you require solutions and are willing to search for them, you can do so here on Microsoft Support. Sure, you will always find a lot of tips and problem solving guidelines for Windows, here on.

If you need Paid Support from Microsoft Experts, you could try resolving It Center Pro, an automated diagnostic portal to help you fix your errors, Microsoft support phone number

Support for OEM products

If the question pertains to OEM products which you may be using, you may be needed to contact the Computer Manufacturers directly. These links will help you:

  • Computer Manufacturers’ Contact Information
  • Computer Manufacturers’ Support Phone Numbers and Websites.
  • But if you bought a Signature PC from the Microsoft Store.
  • Have Microsoft Support call you back
  • Microsoft support phone number
  • To chat, have Microsoft Support call you back, or to schedule a call, you can visit Microsoft here.

Windows 10 Support

Microsoft has made it clear for Windows 10 customers to contact Support if you have any problems while using the new OS. See how to use the Contact Support app. There are other ways to take help for Windows 10. You can now also give or take Tech Support remotely using fast help in Windows 10.

You may want to read this article which may help you when seeking help and support from Microsoft Team:

  • Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool in Windows 10/8/7, is used by Microsoft Support to help identify Windows problems.
  • The Microsoft Support reporting tool facilitates the assembling of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support errors. This article helps identified problems in the software quicker and solutions.
  • Microsoft easily allows a Microsoft support professional to remotely connect to your computer and help you fix a problem. Using a safe connection, the support professional can see your desktop and perform diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Remember, Microsoft Support will never contact you on their own, for any difficulties you may be having with your computer or Microsoft software and services. And in any situation, you will never get a genuine call from Microsoft or its partners to charge you for computer resolve. If you do get such a telephone call or an email, stating that they represent Microsoft and offer help, you can be sure that it’s a fraud! Never give out any information and details or access to your computer.

NOTE:  Please do not belief anyone who promises to help you or anyone who mentions his email ID/contact details in the comments below. If you have a problem contact Microsoft directly or search for it here on this site by taping here.

Microsoft Support Phone Number +1-877-353-1149 (toll-free) USA-CA

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